Sale/Leaseback (SLB) financing is a unique and effective method for generating capital for your business needs. Simply put, Lessees can leverage the equity of their equipment to get the working capital they need today.

The potential benefits for your business by incorporating a Sale/Leaseback structure are numerous. They include:

  • A Lessee may continue to use their equipment, so productivity never slows down, and their revenues should remain constant.
  • The influx of capital can be applied to business expansion and a means to increasing revenue.
  • Lessees that incorporate SLB as a capital option may recover up to 37% in tax savings. Since you will be leasing your equipment back the complete monthly payment is 100% tax deductible.
  • Approval is simple. No additional collateral is necessary besides Lessee’s equipment to get SLB financing approved.
  • Tax benefits may have a positive impact on the Lessee’s balance sheet because having assets that you pay taxes on converted into contingent liabilities may also lower taxes.
  • Capital will be freed up because the equipment is no longer being financed at a regular bank, nor is it hindering the Lessee’s existing banking lines of credit.
  • The additional banking lines of credit will provide the Lessee an opportunity to effectively expand its business.
  • The terms are very flexible and may be modified to meet Lessee’s businesses budget and operational needs.
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