MitsuCap’s Philosophy


It’s not the amount of time you spend in a specific industry rather, it’s the quality of time spent. We have dedicated ourselves to a handful of industries where we have strived to be the best. As our customer, you will reap the rewards of our expertise and dedication to your industry.


We are thoroughly dedicated and committed to invest the time and resources necessary to stay current with your equipment’s ever changing technological advancements, environmental impact, and governmental regulations. In our industry, we believe knowledge is power and the more we know, the better we can serve you. Our cross-discipline experience and industry-specific knowledge helps us provide the expertise you need today.


Believe in our commitment to serve your company and your industry. Our years of dedication and service has instilled confidence in our clients and the vendors we serve. Trust that we will never stop trying to contribute to your company’s prosperity.


The truth is your equipment demands and financial position will change, it’s inevitable. The decisions you have to make are complex, demanding, and time sensitive. Our experts will structure a lease, purchase, finance, or sale-leaseback program designed to accommodate your company’s ever-changing situation.


We will be there when you need us. Our goal is to play an active role throughout the lifecycle of your assets. Our dedication to service does not end after the equipment is delivered rather, we embrace a total lifecycle commitment to our customers. This has been, and will remain, our core philosophy.

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“The results were clear. The MitsuCap difference was their knowledge of my equipment as well as my industry”

President, US Sales for airport products

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