What Makes Us Different

When your business needs equipment to shape your future, you must carefully assess which lender is best for your unique needs. Experts at MitsuCap have years of industry specific expertise to properly understand what other lenders do not, we recognize the uniqueness of every equipment acquisition and take a consultative approach when helping you get the equipment you need by the time you need it.

No matter whether you need one piece of equipment or an entire fleet, we will develop a unique program to address your specific needs. Our extensive knowledge across a wide array of industries gives us the ability to understand all types of equipment, its utilization, the operational demands, and determine the economic life cycle of that equipment.

A “one size fits all” approach implemented by most lenders does not work for most clients in unique situations like yourself. You value creativity and want a partner that can help you equip your future while solving the problems of today. Schedule a call so we may review your requirements and discuss options for your equipment needs.

our approach

We ask questions…. lots of questions. As each customer’s application and expectation is different we must first unearth the specifics of your equipment needs. By learning the equipment’s proposed utilization, maintenance schedule, environment, equipment design/configuration, and other information, we will be better suited to develop a customized program specific to your application.

Further, we understand that the equipment expectations of today may not be the equipment realities of tomorrow. That is why flexibility in our offerings is key to your future success.

We are not your typical leasing or financing company, we rethink spending and develop strategic financial solutions that make more productivity a reality, for less money. You can leave the details to our industry experts and reap the benefits for years to come

How can we help you?

Let’s schedule a call to discuss your equipment leasing and finance needs.

“The results were clear. The MitsuCap difference was their knowledge of my equipment as well as my industry”

President, US Sales for airport products

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