Declaration for Personal Information and Privacy Consent

Applicant(s), by typing your name in the Signatory section of this Commercial Equipment Lease/Finance Credit Application (hereinafter “Application”), certifies Primary Applicant, Co-applicants(s), Officer(s), Partner(s), or Guarantor(s) (hereinafter “Applicant”), agrees MitsuCap Lease & Finance, Inc., its affiliates, its confidential funding sources, designee, assignee, or any potential assignee (hereinafter “MitsuCap”) may obtain business and/or consumer credit report from one or more credit bureaus or reporting agency and other sources of Applicant’s relevant personal and business financial information including, but not limited to, banking, funding, leasing, trade or lending relationship of Applicant.

The undersigned Applicant (individual), on behalf of themselves and all others listed on this application recognizing that their individual credit history may be a factor in the evaluation of the credit of the Applicant, hereby consents to and authorizes MitsuCap to utilize and use a consumer credit report on the Applicant, now and from time to time, as may be needed in the credit evaluation and review process and waives any right or claim they would otherwise have under Fair Credit Reporting Act in the absence of this continuing consent. MitsuCap may, at its sole discretion, obtain other information about Applicant in connection with the transaction for all legitimate purposes and as otherwise allowed by applicable law. Such purposes may include assisting in the credit decision process, securitization, secondary market sale, assisting in collection activity and ongoing transaction monitoring.

Applicant further acknowledges and agrees Applicant(‘s):

(i) Receipt and review of, and agreement to, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use set forth herein and links below;

(ii) Acknowledge that the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use set forth herein have been made available to Applicant in a readably accessable form that Applicant can print or download and retain for Applicant’s own records;

(iii) Certifies and understands that Applicant is applying for funding in the form of a lease, loan, or other financing structure and that any equipment funded will be for business use exclusively;

(iv) Certifies that the information submitted to MitsuCap, in connection with this application is true, complete, and accurate;

(v) Authorize MitsuCap to use this information as it deems appropriate and necessary, at its sole discretion, to independently
verify the validity of any and all such information, including, but not limited to, verifying such information through the use of a database maintained by a consumer reporting agency and interviewing the references provided in this Application;

(vi) Has provided its express consent to and authorizes MitsuCap to contact Applicant via telephone message or call, text message and/or email, including for purposes of the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (16 CFR §310 et seq.); and

(vii) Will receive and sign notices electronically, when available, for the purposes of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 USC §96), as amended from time to time. Applicant may, upon the satisfactory completion of the lease or finance term and conditions applicable to this Application, otherwise elect to opt out of said mode of communication by issuing written notification to the parties defined herein; (vii) has permitted MitsuCap to verify Applicant’s employment, pay history and financial information, and that anyone receiving a copy of this application is authorized to provide MitsuCap with such information;

(viii) Has authorized MitsuCap to keep this application and information about Applicant whether or not the Application is approved;

(ix) Acknowledges Dealer discussions or financing options are for illustrative purposes only; (x) IS AUTHORIZED TO SIGN ON BEHALF OF ANY ENTITY LISTED;

(x) Agrees that by providing MitsuCap or an authorized MitsuCap Dealer with any telephone number, including any mobile number, that MitsuCap and any servicer, agent or debt collector it retains, may contact you using that number, including automatic dialing and announcing device and prerecorded calls;

(xi) Will, if this application is approved, provide to MitsuCap or its Dealer acceptable-government issues photo identification of the parties when they execute this agreement as for verification and compliance of law;

(xii) Hereby authorize and acknowledge MitsuCap’s right to file any documents necessary to record a lien or security interest in favor of MitsuCap as lien holder or secured party. Applicant will, if applicable, promptly comply with the execution and timely return of such filings;

(xiii) Represents that ALL EQUIPMENT leased or financed under this Application is for business and/or professional purposes only and agrees that under no circumstances shall any lease or financing agreement be construed as a consumer contract.